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Aenos 4-star luxury boutique hotel in Kefalonia

The Aenos 4-star luxury boutique hotel in Kefalonia simply oozes history. Built in 1780, this three-storey mansion in Argostoli Square was the ancestral home of the Metaxas family until 1847 when it was converted into a hotel. It was in fact, the first and only one on the island at the time, and continued to operate until the beginning of World War II. During the Italian Occupation, the property was commandeered and used as a Naval Officers Club. After the liberation, it was once again rented as a hotel until 1953. Alas, the catastrophic earthquake of August in the same year razored it, while a subsequent fire destroyed everything that had been left intact. Aenos reached its novel incarnation in 1975 when the family decided to refashion it with due respect to the local, vernacular architecture. Some 20 years later, in 2017, the new generation of Metaxas’ radically renovated the building, modernising its facilities in line with the latest environmentally friendly technologies and comforts.

Behind the suitably grand-looking façade, you’ll find a sumptuous interior with chic furnishings, marble floors and tailor-designed pieces.

Offering stylish accommodation and fine dining, in a friendly welcoming environment, the Aenos 4-star luxury boutique hotel in Kefalonia appeals to travellers who prefer something more exclusive and personal than just another typical hotel.

With an enviable location at the heart of Argostoli’s main square, the Aenos 4-star luxury boutique hotel in Kefalonia is within walking distance from most major sights and attractions, including the Archaeological Museum and Korgialeneios Library. The lively shops, cafes and bars of the pedestrianised Lithostroto area, are also just a lovely short stroll away – and if you are lucky enough you’ll come across a local band playing the characteristically exuberant, Italian- influenced, traditional Kefalonian songs. What’s more, the neighbouring promenade, lined with palm trees and paved with pebbles from the beach, is a walker’s paradise, with a distinctly romantic vibe.

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